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Custom Orders

I work with both Minted and Tinyprints. We can easily have your images uploaded to their sites, where you can then create your own cards, journals, and other stationary items. Discounts and links to promotions will also be posted here, so check back regularly!


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The Lovie Project

Every season, as wistfully I pack away small clothes for ever-bigger clothes and strollers for scooters, I marvel at how fast my sweet babies grow.

A dear friend of mine recently asked me to create a wall piece of her daughter’s beloved Bunny. They’d slept together every night, her thumb hooked under the ribbon around Bunny’s neck.

The picture, and the resulting wall piece (pictured at the right) were sweeter than I imagined, a happy reminder of bedtime, nighttime stories, and the comforts only parents and Lovies bring.


And so, the Lovie Project was born.


Pictures can be taken the morning you drop off, so that you can pick up again before school is out.

Photos will be printed and then mounted on the back of a piece of acrylic, already wall mountable.

Sizes range from 12 x 18 and up.

Please call me, 202-550-9450

or email, for pricing and timing information.